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Helping families connect

Unlock communication barriers and start having real conversations.

You want your kids to be happy and successful.

But, parenting isn’t easy. From toddlers to teenagers and beyond, families are made up of unique individuals trying to live together under one roof – and the dynamics are always changing and introducing new challenges! Maybe you are here because you just can’t seem to get through to your kids or create the right family connections as you juggle all your parenting and life duties – or you’ve noticed that your child has speech problems and is experiencing learning difficulties. All parents go through these times and you’re in the right place to come out the other side! I am dedicated to supporting your family, giving you the tools to have better communication and conversations so you can grow together through all stages of life as a happier, more connected family.

Parent with confidence again

create awareness

Understand your parenting style and develop your skills to deal with difficult situations.



Learn to listen, be present, create space and have better conversations as individuals and a family.


Find a balance that works for your family while meeting their needs – and yours.

Hi, I’m Bel Carvalho

I’m a certified coach, speech and language therapist, hold a Ph.D and a proud parent of two, dedicated to helping families have better and more balanced connections. Passionate about the science of communication, I’ve spent over 20 years developing my expertise in language and brain development, learning, communication and parenting. Through coaching, I am able to use all this knowledge and experience to partner with families and help them navigate the challenges of family life, find the best parenting style for them and thrive as a family unit. Together, we create better conversations, deeper connections and more ease and joy in your family dynamic.

How I can help

I work with families, teens and children from all backgrounds and at all stages of life – both for face-to-face sessions and virtually, coaching and supporting clients all around the globe. Together, we can create better conversations.


Feel like you are talking to a closed door? Coaching equips parents and teens with practical communication tools for lifelong connection.


Tailored sessions to help your child overcome speech, articulation and language difficulties preventing them from reaching their potential.


Knowledge is power! Book me to speak and train your group, school or delegates on communication life-skills, topics and tools.

“Bel is an excellent coach and therapist. She is an inspiration, full of compassion, and motivating, positive energy!”

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Together, we can create better conversations.

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