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Equipping parents and teens with practical tools for lifelong connection.

Communication is hard work

Just because we are talking, it doesn’t mean we are actually communicating. The ability to have good conversations is crucial for creating happy, connected families and resilient teens – but no one is born an expert, and that’s where coaching comes in. As a coach, I help you get from where you are now, to where you want to be; having better conversations and growing together as a family, equipped for life and its challenges. When you have a greater understanding of your choices and possibilities, personally and as a parent, you give yourself the opportunity to to expand, grow and achieve more than you thought possible!


Struggling to navigate the constant changes, expectations and choices at this stage of life is natural – I coach teens to deal with the conflicts and pressures in a healthy, positive way as they grow and develop.


Families face conflicts – it’s all part of the journey. Through coaching, I help offer perspective, guidance and support, teaching parents the tools they need to learn how to communicate more effectively, create balance and build happier, more connected families.

Let’s work together

Whether you need to develop your parenting skills and style to move forward as a family or want help to better prepare your teens for life and the challenges they’ll face – I can provide the knowledge and support to help you get there.

Group Coaching

Sessions for parents, mums, or teenagers: learn as a group with others experiencing the same life stage and challenges as you.


Personalized, face-to-face coaching sessions built around your needs, situation and goals.

Remote Coaching

I offer group and one-on-one sessions virtually if this option is more convenient for your situation.

Whichever option feels right to you, the first step is to schedule a free intro call.

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Together, we can create better conversations.

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